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DTDR-65 Specification

Sequid’s DTDR-65 features two highly synchronized differential step generators with rise/falltimes < 65ps and an extraordinary stable time base resulting in a RMS-Jitter < 500fs.
The most important characteristics are:

  • 2 differential step generators 
  • 2 Real-thru sampling modules (thus, no additional external components required)  
  • Rise/fall- times tr,f < 65ps (10%-90%) 
  • Analog input bandwidth: BW ≈ 10GHz 
  • Step-amplitude: Vout = 150mV (matched) 
  • Jitter: Jrms < 500fs 
  • Characteristic noise Vrms < 750µV 
  • Channel-to-channel skew: tskew < 2ps 
  • Dimensions: 220x210x82.4mm3 
  • Weight: 2.8kg 
  • Lithium ion accumulator (endurance > 3.5h) 
  • Laboratory & outdoor-applications 
  • High temperature stability (0°C to 40°C) 
  • Interfaces: Full-speed USB (Ethernet, WLAN, RS232 upon request) 

Due to a sophisticated time base generation technique in combination with proprietary correction algorithms the DTDR-65 features a vertical and horizontal stability, which is usually reserved for the high-price segment. Furthermore the DTDR-65 grants this over a wide temperature range without the need for recurring calibrations, which makes it absolutely unique. 

The dielectric constant of core materials and prepregs are subjected to relatively high productionrelated deviations. Manufacturer of high quality and impedance controlled PCBs have therefore a massive self-interest in knowing the dielectric properties of the actually used material in advance of the mass production process. The DTDR-65 in combination with the proprietary Dual-Line-Technique allows the determination of the dielectric constant from 10MHz up to 5GHz.     

  •  Dielectric constant and wave impedance from 10MHz up to 5GHz 
  • For all core materials and prepregs 
  • Time- & cost-saving in production 
  • Proprietary Dual-Line-Technique 
  • Measurements base on simple test coupons 
  • Automatic compilation of test reports 
  • Fast, simple & reliable

Characterization of Core Materials and Prepregs

The DTDR-65 enables ultra-wideband wave impedance measurements with a high spatial and temporal resolution. Its application is not restricted to the industrial production process of printed circuit boards (PCBs), but it is also an extremely helpful tool in the circuit- and system-design as well as in the quality assurance. Or even more general: its usage is reasonable wherever properties of electrical transmission lines for bitrates up to 10Gbps are to be characterized.

  •  Differential & single-ended measurements 
  • For data rates up to 10Gbps 
  • For development, production & quality management 
  • Automatic  compilation of test reports 
  • Probes for all different areas of applications 
  • Powerful software included

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