High Speed Signal Design, Test and Analysis

Signal & Power Integrity in the Real World

  • Extract Differential TDR/TDT Measurements for Creating Return-Loss and Insertion-Loss SParameters
  • Use 40 GHz VNA or TDR/T to make two or fourport Multi-Mode S-Parameters Measurements (requires ground collar adapter).
  • DVT40-1MM-L Ground/Signal pin Configurations: GSGSG, GSSG, SGS,GSS, SSG
  • DVT40-1MM-H  Ground pin can be inserted in front or behind Signal 
  • de-embedding 4 port S-Parameters to improve measurement accuracy

DVT40-1MM 40 GHz Differential Multi-Mode TDR  and S-Parameters Probe Kit

Applications - Time Domain Measurements

Applications - Frequency Domain Measurements


Features and Key benefits

  • Attenuation: 1X
  • Connector Only Bandwidth: 40 GHz. @ -3db
  • Probe Measured Insertion Loss after de-embedding: 40GHz @ ~3.5db
  • TDR Fall time Degradation:  <3.5ps
  • Probe Pitch: .450um to 1.7 mm (Signal tip to Signal tip)
  • Connector Type: 40 GHz 2.92mm K-Connector
  • Differential impedance: 100 ohm
  • Single impedance: 50 ohm (using conversion kit)
  • Max Voltage-in: 5.0 V
  • 100 Ω Impedance measurements on PCBs, cables, backplanes, daughter-cards and connectors.
  • Use 50 Ω mode for high resolution Failure Analysis with ~1mm fault Isolation  
  • 40 GHz  Differential Probe
  • Fully Balanced 100 Ω
  • Differential Signals without Ground Contact
  • Adaptable to 50 Ω
  • Single Ended Input Impedance
  • Measure S2p, S4p S-parameters using configurable Ground Collars
  • Adjustable Signal Probe Pitch (from 450um to >1.7mm)
  • 4-6um Conductive Diamond Plated Probe Tips for repeatable measurements
  • ~3.5ps Fall Time Degradation
  • Universal Probe Design: use as Hand Probe or Mount in Micropositioners
  • Full Set of Probe Pitch Calibration Accessories

40 GHz 100 & 50 ohm TDR Hand Probe: the model DVT40 GigaProbes® is a robust balanced 40Ghz 100Ω differential probe capable of making 50 Ω measurements with <3.5ps TDR Fall Time degradation. The DVT40 is like having two 40 GHz probes in one making it compatible with the fastest TDR modules from Tektronix, Agilent and LeCroy.

Make Accurate Time and Frequency Measurements: to make accurate time and frequency measurements S4P S-Parameters are available for each probe and used to deembed the probe characteristics from the measurements. In addition, the NEW 40 GHz differential Y connector assembly is optimized to significantly reduce reflection and frequency loss.   Combined, these features improve measurement accuracy and extend the measurement bandwidth range. 

Everything you need to Characterize Gb/s Interconnects in the time or frequency domain: The DVT40-1MM kit comes in an elegant wooden box containing two DVT40  probes for measuring differential 100 ohm Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) impedance (Zline) measurements. Once impedance sensitive transmission lines are verified, use the second probe as a receiver to measure Time Domain Transmission (TDT) measurements. These odd mode differential measurements can be converted into differential insertion (SDD21) and return loss (SDD21) S-parameters (S2P) to verify differential transmission lines meet bandwidth performance.  To measure the full spectrum of odd and even waveforms contained in a (S4P) S-parameters.  Attach the optional Ground Pin Collars that contain replaceable .5 OD compliant ground pins to form Signal/Ground configurations (GSGSG, GSS, SSG, SGS, GSSG and SS with a SG pin spacing of 1mm) that meet the physical layout of the pads on your PCB.  Import the S4p de embedding files for the probes to extend the measurement accuracy. The new DVT40 provides the flexibility to make low loss 50 ohm, 100 ohm and multi-mode measurements in order to validate industry design standards such as USB3, PCI/E Gen3, SATA/SAS, 10 G Base-R FEC, etc.

Adapters are provided to install the DVT40 in low cost probe manipulators, eliminating the need for expensive probe stations for high bandwidth hands-free probing.  This capability frees the Signal Integrity Engineer to operate test instrument and to manipulate enhanced impedance and S-parameter software to accurately characterize differential impedances on the Gigabit: PCB’s, device test boards, backplanes, connectors, and cables.