High Speed Signal Design, Test and Analysis

Signal & Power Integrity in the Real World

ELF40-001 (narrow profile) to more tightly couple differential lines on curved edges

ELF40-002 (standard profile) to use instead of current high priced offerings

Both Models with the same launch geometry and internal construction

  • 2.92 mm Interface
  • Top Ground Only
  • 40 GHz Bandwidth
  • Board Design Support Available
  • Edge Launch
  • Test Boards Available
  • No Soldering Required

VLF40-00X: 2.92mm Connectors for the High Speed Digital Industry

  • 40GHz Bandwidth
  • 2.92mm Interface
  • No Soldering Required
  • Compression Fit
  • Board Mounted
  • Vertical Launch
  • Free Connector pad Stack-up Interface
  • Free Connector Simulation File

ELF40/67/110-00x: 2.92mm, 1.85mm, 1mm Edge Launch Connectors for the Digital Industry

40GHz, 67GHz, 110GHz